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  • 2010.12.06. Launch of “Windows Enterprise VPS” High-grade VPS
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Reliable high-end servers boasting 99.9% uptime

Reason for Reliability 1

Stability able to withstand high load Web services with spikes in access are expected to suffer server outages due to overloading. To prevent this from occurring, multiple servers and a load balancer are combined to spread the load over several servers. We will flexibly provide the configuration that best matches your needs.

Reason for Reliability 2

Speedy and flexible expansion It is sometimes necessary to temporarily add resources during the development phase, release or sudden increases in users. Our service enables you to add resources in less than a business day (after payment is confirmed) while keeping costs down. There is no waste as you can quickly start work on your operations.

Reason for Reliability 3

Excellent support with a solid track record Our dedicated team of engineers will utilize the know-how they have accumulated to date to propose the server type and size best matching your needs on a consultant basis (content, anticipated scale, etc.). We are sure you will be satisfied with our service, including the level of support.

Our Reliable Tsukaeru Cloud Server is Perfect for Avoiding Service Outages

No limits on expansion

As there are no limits on the number of units used in expansion, it is possible to expand the server as the application is released.

Excellent performance

While obviously ensuring the reliability of hardware used in our cloud servers, we use Virtuozzo as the software to provide the service. It has lighter I/O (Input/Output) processing than VMWare or Xen, and is characterized by having small virtual OS file sizes, providing excellent performance. There are no concerns about latency.

Tsukaeru.net Cloud Server

Lower implementation costs

Feed only comprise monthly fees and data transfer fees. We will also flexibly cater to downgrade needs (calculated on a per diem basis).

Speedy delivery

Expansions are provided within one business day (after confirmation of payment) from the time an application is made.

Feel at ease

Our dedicated network engineers who completely understand the features of the service are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Specialized personnel will also follow up any inquiries you may have on topics ranging from implementation to expansion.

Stability able to withstand high load

Tsukaeru.net Cloud Server

User's review

Tell us about why you decided to use our Cloud Server.

Before we made the decision, we compared it with products offered by other companies such as Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, physical servers (housing) and other companies’ VPS. In particular, we compared initial costs, monthly costs and performance. Issues we faced before implementation included the cost of building infrastructure, the substantial costs required for scaling up and scaling out after going online, and maintenance costs. With these issues in mind, we considered Tsukaeru.net’s Cloud Server and the excellent balance of price, performance and flexibility is what clinched it. After giving the matter much consideration, we felt that the Cloud Server offered a high level of performance that could not be seen in numerical specs such as disk performance. We are very satisfied now that we are using it.

Tsukaeru.net Cloud Server

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