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for 24-hour automated trading Around-the-clock trading is possible using Remote Desktop

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30 days Trial

People who are still unfamiliar with automated trading should take this opportunity to try out our system. You will realize how great it is once you use it. We will return the entire monthly fee if you decide cancel during the first 30 days.

  • * Only applies when signing up with Tsukaeru.net for the first time using a monthly subscription.
  • * If you sign up for 2 or more subscriptions at the same time and cancel at the same time within 30 days, the refund only applies to the first subscription.
VPS is Perfect

You need to keep a PC running around the clock if you want to use automated trading software to conduct system trading.

VPS is Perfect

You PC can get sluggish and hard to use

VPS is Perfect

Monthly power bills are ridiculous

VPS is Perfect

Heat dissipation and blackouts are concerns

You can comfortably set up automated trading if you use a VPS

Remote operation of a VPS using a Remote Desktop connection
VPS is Perfect

Reasons to choose Tsukaeru.net

1 Stable uptime rate

Tsukaeru.net began offering Windows VPS services in Japan in 2004, and has experienced a variety of problems and support issues in the stable operation of Windows VPS. As a result, we now boast the industry’s leading stable VPS uptime rate for automated trading.

2 Periodic maintenance is not conducted on weekdays

In response to comments from many automated forex trading users, we conduct periodic maintenance of Windows VPS on weekends while markets are not open. We will provide notification by e-mail before performing periodic maintenance.

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Our services provide a comfortable and secure server environment, and do not guarantee a certain profit. Tsukaeru.net shall be in no way liable for any losses from trading performed using our services or associated with maintenance or service outages.
[Periodic Maintenance]
Periodic maintenance is performed when required to ensure Windows VPS can be used in comfort. Maintenance is mainly conducted on weekends, between 6am on Saturday and 6am on Monday. * Please understand that maintenance may sometimes be carried out on weekdays when unavoidable in urgent situations. We provide notification via e-mail before conducting periodic maintenance. Please be aware that VPS will be stopped during maintenance. Tukaeru.net shall not ne liable for any damages incurred due to maintenance. If there are any programs not set up to start automatically, please configure these to start automatically or start them manually after maintenance is completed.
Customers shall be responsible for the installation and use of trading system software. Details on how to use and install individual applications is beyond the scope of Tsukaeru.net’s support. Please inquire on each application’s official site or to the respective distributors.