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Privacy Policy

Based on the Personal Information Protection Act which being completely enforced on April 1, 2005, the Company will comply with the law and implement strict controls on personal information on users through the establishment of internal information management regulations.

1. Definition of Customer Information
Information provided to identify customers when they register, subscribe, etc. in order to use the Company’s services is information required for providing the Company’s services, issuing invoices and communication related to inquiries, etc. We also sometimes require other information to be provided to resolve problems. The Company shall handle such information as “personal information.” Special Internet technology may be used to collect personal information.
2. Collection of Personal Information Using Special Internet Technology
In addition to the methods mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the Company collects access logs using Cookies when customers visit our website in order to collect personal information to collect information on access to the Company’s website. Moreover, other special Internet technology may also be used in the future.
3. Use and Sharing of Personal Information
The personal information provided and collected is only for use in the provision of the Company’s services, and shall not be disclosed, sold, or loaned to any third party.
4. Use of Personal Information
The Company shall use personal information for the following purposes.

  • i. Provision of the Company’s services.
  • ii. Problem solving for smoothly providing the Company’s services.
  • iii. Issuing invoices for payment of service fees.
  • iv. Responding to inquiries and communicating important matters.
  • v. Marketing and improvement of services.
5. Disclosure of personal information
The Company shall not disclose, sell or loan personal information to any third party without obtaining consent from the customer. However, this shall not apply if there is a request from a public institution such as the courts or the police in accordance with the law, if there are special provisions in laws and ordinances, if there is a danger of harm to the life, health or property of the customer or the public, or if it is necessary to protect the Company’s rights, property or services from action in violation of the law or the Company’s Terms of Service.
6. Respect for the Rights of Customers
The Company shall promptly respond to any requests from the customer to disclose, correct or delete the registered information.
7. Other Sites and Participating Affiliate Sites
In the event links to the Company’s site are placed on other sites or participating affiliate sites, the Company shall be in no way liable for privacy or the handling of personal information on such sites. Please refer to the privacy policy of each respective site.
. Revisions to the Privacy Policy
In the event revisions are made to the Company’s Privacy Policy, notification of the revision shall be provided on the “TSUKAERU FORUM.”

Established on April 1, 2005

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