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  • 2010.12.06. Launch of “Windows Enterprise VPS” High-grade VPS


How it works

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup


Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Simple backup

All you have to do is install the software. Backups are carried out automatically every day and no special operations are required. You can easily change the folders included in the backup.

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Backup automatically

Tsukaeru CloudBackup automatically creates backups every day. There is no need to start up an application or connect an external hard disk drive. Your backup can be quickly kept up-to-date.

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Capacity upgrade according

You can also upgrade according to the capacity you require, so there are no concerns about running out of space.

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Secure Backup

Secure backup Backup data is securely stored using redundant power and connections in a storage environment monitored around the

Fees (per user)

Fees paid per month	From \525 with the first 3 months free.

Capacity 5GB 10GB 20GB 30GB 40GB 50GB 100GB 250GB 500GB 1000GB 2000GB
Price ¥525 ¥1,050 ¥2,010 ¥3,150 ¥4,200 ¥5,250 ¥8,400 ¥15,750 ¥10,500 ¥26,250 ¥42,000
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Getting Started

STEP1 Register

Enter the necessary information on the registration page on the Tsukaeru Cloud Backup site, and create an account.


Download the client from the Tsukaeru Cloud Backup site and install it on your PC.

STEP3 完了!

You are ready. Start up Tsukaeru CloudBackup and set up a task.

When Restoring Data

Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Start up Tsukaeru CloudBackup, select the necessary files (or folders) from the “Restore” tab to restore your data. You will require the “secret key” you created.

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